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Dquarium.com is an Internet network of audio and video podcasts that discusses everything and anything related to digital technology. Dquarium.com produces and creates all-original media content for the viewing and listening pleasure of nano-nerds and gadget-geeks everywhere.

That is the condensed “in a nut-shell” story. Want more? Well, read on …

Kayhan with old studio setup

Kayhan with old studio setup

How did it all start? Dquarium.com is the brainchild of one Kayhan B. Inspired by such leading podcasts as Leo Laporte’s TWIT.tv network, Diggnation/Revision3 and Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, Kayhan sought to merge together his unrelenting passion for technology and his love of public speaking. A digital librarian by profession, Kayhan has been involved with computers and technology in a variety of capacities for the last two decades. But Dquarium.com is much, much more than just the efforts of one lone person. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it is an entire group of dedicated and like-minded tech savvy individuals who all have the same unrelenting passion for technology and love of public speaking. We may not have the fancy silicon valley connections. We may not have all (or any for that matter) of the insider tips and tech trade secrets, but what we do have is a love for technology and voicing our opinions about it. We hope this passion shines through with each and every podcast we produce.

What does the word Dquarium mean and where does it originate from? Well, it is basically a portmanteau of the words “Digital” and “aquarium”. Hence Dquarium or the “digital aquarium”. Originally, the slogan for the site was going to be “Where the big fish talk tech”, but there was just one problem. We’re not “big fish” yet, but we hope to change that and earn your trust and support as dedicated viewers and listeners of our various audio and video podcasts.

The Dquarium logo is a stylized CRT television set / aquarium fish tank representing the video features of the site while the wavy water inside the fish tank represents not only water but a radio signal wave representing the audio features of the site. We kinda like it, and hope you like it too.

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